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Combine real-life work samples with structured assessments and digital interviews.

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The best predictor of how someone will perform in a job is a work sample test. Give candidates a sample piece of work, similar to that which they would do in the job, and assess their performance at it.
Laszlo Bock, SVP of People Ops

Job roles

If the work involves talking to people or using a computer, you can simulate it on Interviewed. Here are just a few of the roles our customers have used Interviewed to hire for.

Customer Service
Technical Support
Business Development
Language Teaching
Data Entry
Administrative Assistant
Financial Analysis
Human Resources

The process

  1. Choose simulations that recreate critical job duties.
  2. Set performance standards based on your strongest employees.
  3. Measure each candidate’s performance objectively and repeatably.


Assessments are scored against objective performance standards using both automated and human review. Hiring managers can replay an assessment and update a candidate's scores in seconds.

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